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Cisco IOS image naming conventions

New method

Old method


Example: c805-y6-mw.122-8.T4.bin

xxxx = Model number (ex: Cisco 805 serial router)

yyyy = Feature set

y	IP feature set
s	Plus
o	Firewall feature set
kx	Cryptography / IPSEC, x = version number
n	IPX feature set
y6	IP
sy6	IP Plus
oy6	IP/FW   (FW=Firewall)
osy6	IP/FW Plus
k8osy6	IP/FW Plus IPSEC 56
nsy6	IP/IPX Plus
k8nosy6	IP/IPX/FW Plus IPSEC 56

mw = Location (ex: Main memory, ??)

aa = Major version number (ex: 12)

b = Minor version number (ex: 2)

c = Release number (ex: 8)

dd = Type or train (ex: New technology train, release 4)