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Note: This should probably go into a database (for sorting/filtering purposes) once it gets longer than a page or three.


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  • File storage _(i.e. traditional AFP, SMB, WebDAV, etc.)_
  • Private data storage (e.g. DropBox)
  • Database
  • E-mail or messaging
  • General / arbitrary data
  • Public or semi-public publishing
  • Photo galleries
  • Blogs and journals

Type of data stored

  • Text
  • Structured text
  • Images (with or without metadata)
  • Documents
  • Raw data (i.e. ‘BLOBs’)
  • Tabular data
  • Relational data
  • Graph data

Type of access

  • One user / one reader
  • One user / many readers
  • Many users / many readers

Use restrictions (software)

  • FOSS
  • Open-source, but not freely licensed in all circumstances
  • Closed-source

Use restrictions (data)

  • Published open standard
  • Open standard, unpublished by any standards body
  • Documented _(officially or fully stable and reverse-engineered)_
  • Proprietary / opaque

Use restrictions (data, practicality)

  • Common data format, stable
  • Common data format, unstable (e.g. HTML ‘Living Standard’)
  • Archaic (but once-commonly-used) data format
  • Uncommon data format
  • Obscure or esoteric data format

Use restrictions (complexity)

(i.e. Will this still work if I don’t touch it for a decade or more)

  • Stable; few dependencies
  • Stable; many dependencies or dependencies often updated
  • Mature but unstable; receives frequent incompatible updates
  • Unstable due to age (old or young)

Client required

  • POSIX shell
  • Text editor (redundant?)
  • Any web browser
  • ‘Modern’ web browser with JavaScript and CSS
  • No; built into common operating systems
  • Yes

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Items to sort

(Note: move down to appropriate sub-section once status verified.)

  • Gallery
  • PhpGedcom
  • Omeka
  • Forums
  • Blogging / Weblogs
  • Cloud storage
  • Databases, general-purpose
  • Standardized servers
  • FTP / SFTP
  • TFTP
  • Gopher
  • HTTP
  • LDAP
  • MS Exchange
  • DNS
  • Text collections
  • Notepads
  • Outliners
  • Free/unstructured text

Free to for all to use



Free for non-commercial use

Commercial with a one-time fee

Documented data format and API

Open-standard data format

Unique formats

Proprietary data format or API

Commercial services with no known ‘self-hosted’ equivalent


Foundations and other non-profits

  • Apache Foundation
  • The ‘Zotero folks’
  • Other non-profits and foundations


  • National Libraries
  • Library of Congress
  • UK / Canada / Australia
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Eastern Europe and elsewhere


  • Wikipedia
  • English-language
  • Other languages
  • List of open-source software

Blogs and newsfeeds

  • Blogs

Other potential sources

  • Patents
  • Library science organizations and associations
  • Tech. Industry and Mass Media publications