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Dorchester County, South Carolina

Utility Services

  • Commissioners of Public Works
    (Water & Sewer Service) (843) 875-8750
  • Berkeley Electric Co-op (843) 553-5020
  • SCE&G
    (Electric & Gas Service) (843) 554-7234
  • Southern Bell (843) 780-2355
  • Summerville Medical Center (843) 875-3993
  • Summerville Y.M.C.A. (843) 871-9622
  • Trident United Way (843) 821-5000
  • U. S. Post Office (843) 873-3571
  • Cable
    • Time Warner
    • Comcast

Water and Sewer service

These are handled by the Commissioner of Public Works.

  • Sewer Rates (as of September 2009)
    • Residential flat rate = $37.90

  • Water Rates (as of September 2009)
    • Metered rate =
      • Monthly base (0 - 3,000 gallons) minimum charge based on meter size (chart below)
      • 3,001 - 7,000 (per thousand gallons) $3.00
      • All over 7,001 (per thousand gallons) $3.25
    • DHEC fee = $0.50
    • Minimum monthly charge:
      • 3/4" meter = $23.75
      • 1" meter = $40.00
      • 1 1/4" meter = $57.25
      • 1 1/2" meter = $75.25
      • 2" meter = $114.25

You can pay in person at the counter or use the 24-hour drop box.

You can choose to mail your check or money order payment into our office at PO Box 9, Dorchester SC 29437. A payment stub and return envelope are in each months bill for your convenience. Please place your water and/or sewer account number at the bottom of the check to ensure proper credit.


Vaccination Dogs & Cats

If you own a dog or cat four (4) months of age or older, it must be vaccinated against Rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Evidence of vaccination shall consist of a"Rabies Vaccination Certificate" signed by your veterinarian or a "Rabies Vaccination Tag" to be attached to the animal's collar. No other form of Rabies vaccination will be recognized in Dorchester County. A rabies certificate and rabies tag issued for one animal is not valid for any other animal.

Identification Dogs & Cats

Any dog or cat two (2) months of age or older must wear a collar to which a durable metal or plastic identification tag is attached which has permanently stamped or printed the owner's address and phone number(s).

Junk Mail

Send a postcard or letter to DMA Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY, 11735-9008 requesting that they remove your name from mailing lists. Be sure to include your name, address, zip code and a request to “activate the preference service.” This will stop mail from all member organizations that you have not ordered products from for up to five years.

Trash Pickup

Regular household garbage in the Town is contracted out and is picked up by Suburban Disposal. Please call them at 873-4810 to determine the pickup days for your address. If your family requires more than one roll cart, please call Suburban for delivery of an extra can. There will be a monthly charge of $6.00 for the extra service.

Crews from the Summerville Streets Department pick up bulk waste. Bulk items are collected once a month on your regular yard waste day that falls in the last full week of each month. (see attached schedule). Once again, bulk waste includes metal, furniture, plastic, fiberglass, cardboard boxes, latex paint that is dried out using cat litter or sand. Bulk items should be placed on the street no sooner than 7:00 am on the day of collection.

Appliances (white goods) are picked up by appointment.

  • Large trash / white goods / yard debris pickup
  • See city website[1] or call the Town Hall at (843) 851-4225 to schedule a pick-up.

The Town will not pick up construction materials. Owners & contractors should make private arrangements to have this debris transported to the appropriate county landfill. Call Chambers Oakridge Landfill at 1-800-952-5814 to make sure they are able to take your items.

Solid waste Summerville

  • Phone: 832-0070
  • Fax: 832-0064

Miles Jamison Road site in summerville

  • 130 Suburban Lane
    Summerville, SC
    • From Trolley road travel 0.9 miles and turn on Suburban Lane.
      Sites is located approximately 0.1 mile on right.


  • Paper and cardboard: Picked up 1st and 3rd Fridays
  • Other recyclables: Picked up 2nd and 4th Fridays, customer provides container (open top)
  • Lawn waste: picked up weekly on
  • Garbage: picked up weekly on
  • Large goods / furniture: picked up monthly on yard waste day during the second full work week of each month
  • White goods: picked up upon request - see above

Call Town Hall at (843) 851-4225 to find out your yard waste collection day.

Garbage service costs $ 102.00 per year and is applied to the homeowner’s tax bill.


Key points:

  • Curbside collection on Fridays
  • Paper / cardboard (corrugated only, no flat cereal box cardboard) collected on different weeks from all other items
  • No container provided - use whatever open top container you like
  • Charleston county has a drop-off site for computer/electronic recycling

Paper and cardboard: Picked up 1st and 3rd Fridays

Other recyclables: Picked up 2nd and 4th Fridays, customer provides container (open top)

Contact: Dorothy Richards Location: 104 Civic Center, Summerville, SC 29483 Phone: (843) 851-5210 Fax: (843) 832-8182

CURBSIDE COLLECTION: Paper (office paper, newspaper and inserts, magazines, junk mail), plastic bottles and jugs (#1, #2), glass (brown, green, clear), cans (aluminum, aerosol and steel), oil bottles with tops on, empty paint cans, foil and pie pans

Home Improvement

While Summerville has the standard complement of Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears, there's a better place to shop for lumber and hardware.

Berlin G. Myers Lumber is a locally run lumber and hardware store on Main St. in Summerville. I am amazed at their excellent selection of hardware. They have a full service lumber yard, including a nice selection of common and exotic hardwoods. They are super friendly and will be happy to do special orders as well. Drawbacks: they are only open during the week, and they are not going to be as cheap as Home Depot. That said, they are not expensive, and their selection, service, and charm require you to visit at least once.

I have no business relationship with Berlin G. Myers except as a happy customer.