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One other thing I should mention that’s pretty cool is the notion of setting up multiple instances of software like this just using symlinks on the server. I haven’t tried it with Wordpress, but it was fairly straightforward with both Textpattern and Mediawiki. You simply place all the files in a single location, and then in each domain folder, create a symlink pointing to there. The key is to have a custom database and uploadable content directory per-site, but that’s pretty easy: You create a special “wp-config.php” that contains something like this:
include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/config.php');
You see? It sucks the “real” config out of the actual directory of the site, while all the WP code is secretly elsewhere. Then within the WP configuration, you need to tell it where things are:
Wordpress Address: http://example.com/wp/ (the symlink)
Blog Address: http://example.com (where all the htaccess stuff will be relative to)
And then under the miscellaneous tab, tell it where the actual upload directory is.
Hope that’s clear. I host five wikis, and it’s super-duper for keeping on top of updates and patches. (not to mention saving disk-space!)

Everyone wants to know about multiple blogs. We all want it yesterday. To clear up a common misconception, you can already run multiple wordpress blogs just fine, they can even be in the same database. Just give the installations a different table prefix in your wp-config.php

Did you make sure to run http://address.of.blog/wp-mail.php so that it would process the email? You have to set up a cronjob to run that so it will check the email. It doesn't check without you making it.

wp-photos plugin


wordpress permalinks http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/wordpress-tip-on-permalink-options/

SQL Backup
	Backup:	mysqldump –opt wordpress | gzip -9 > wordpress.sql.gz
	Restore:	gunzip wordpress.sql.gz
		mysql -u rootusername -p **** wordpress < wordpress.sql

Photoblog tools http://wiki.photoblogs.org/wiki/Photoblog_Scripts_and_Programs

Color, graphics, font resources (bottom of page) http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes 1950's chic wordpress theme wigglebottoms.com/download-themes/